Case Studies

What’s Behind the Success of Pokemon Go?

Posted On: 07/17/16

By: Ilka Kuhagen and Janina Kuhagen   

The staged roll-out of Pokemon Go has left people in countries where it is not yet available feeling left out of a global phenomenon. And it is demonstrating that to some young people, borders no longer matter. Those are just two of things we discovered with a quick global study we launched to gather impressions […]

Make a Ch@nge!

Posted On: 07/15/16

By: Ilka Kuhagen   

This research project was triggered by the 2015 One Young World Summit and supports a project on climate change, identifying individual effects, what is happening in different parts of the world, and what if anything can be done to make a change. Every year IKM gets involved in a volunteer project with self-funded research to […]

Mobile Unleashed: Dogs Go Mobile and Connect Online

Posted On: 06/5/14

By: Rebecca Bryant    Susan G Abbott   

Think Global Qualitative Associates self-funded this multi-country project. We chose the role of dogs in the lives of their owners because we felt this topic presented a great canvas on which to explore global differences. Participating countries included: Canada, Czech Republic, France, Germany, India, Mexico, South Africa, UK, and USA.

Exploring a Mini World for Maxi Insight

Posted On: 05/29/14

By: Ilka Kuhagen, IKM, Munich   

As Online Communities or MROCs have become more established, many researchers say they can only succeed with large numbers – in some cases more than 100 – to gain qualitative insights. This research shows a small group, selected carefully and facilitated with the toolbox of a qualitative researcher can provide deep insights for strategic marketing decisions.

Men’s and Women’s Relationships are Changing in Mexico

Posted On: 03/8/14

By Lázaro Martínez and Astrid Velásquez

Since the 1980s, formal “man and woman” relationships have been changing in Mexico. It was during this decade of economic crisis that many paradigms shifted. The economic crisis contributed to accelerating changes in the male and female traditional roles, mostly due to increasing female participation in the workforce.