Rebecca Bryant

Brief Bio

Rebecca Bryant leverages 20 years of marketing research and public relations experience in client work that includes communications research, brand positioning, customer value determination, as well as new product development.

An advanced RIVA-trained moderator, Rebecca is well steeped in qualitative research methods as well as how to apply the quantitative metrics some clients require. Rebecca has a BA in psychology and an MBA from the University of Tennessee, where she has held lecturer status in the College of Business.  She recently stepped up to serve as chair of QRCA’s Branding Committee and is past-chair of QRCA’s Symposium on Excellence in Qualitative Research.

Category Experience

A former senior executive in charge of marketing research for a public relations firm, Rebecca’s expertise includes business-to-business, as well as community and media-related communications research. Other specific category experiences include a decade or more in the pet product industry, healthcare, national defense, energy, and education.


In-depth interviews and ideation session facilitation, as well as real-time and asynchronous online methods (focus groups, executive interviews, in-depth interviews and consumer diaries). Very experienced in hybrid designs that include qualitative as well as quantitative methods.


Rebecca’s work has been recognized by both ADDY (Advertising) and PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) awards and has withstood the scrutiny of the United States Federal Court.  She presented at the 2012 QRCA Conference in Montreal and at the 2010 AQR/QRCA international conference on qualitative research in Prague on ideation. Her research design underpinned the Blount Education Initiative Public Awareness Campaign for which she and other team members received a PRSA 2010 Award of Excellence.   In 2005 her research efforts received a PRSA award for the Best in Maryland Research / Evaluation for the NECDF (Newport Chemical Agent Disposal Facility) Employee Survey.  In 2004, the Tennessee Center for Performance Excellence (Baldrige Award training center) cited her Customer Value Determination work in the healthcare sector as exemplary.

The Spring 2013 of QRCA’s VIEWS will include her article “Running with Crayons,” a new product development process that integrated individual and social creativity.