About Us

networkThink Global Qualitative is an alliance of individuals and businesses worldwide. Participation is by invitation only.
We all know each other. We’ve met. We’ve presented at conferences together. We’ve seen the wallet photos. We know we can collaborate, because we have collaborated. Many times.

We value our reputations and the reputations of our clients. We want the work to be the best it can be, and we will deliver what we promise or we will make it right.

How big is the network

Each associate has an extensive network beyond this group. Associates are not restricted to using the people in this group for any given project.

This is important for you

  • You get the people you need, not just the people available
  • We can add specific expertise when needed
  • We can easily avoid conflict of interest situations
  • We can add to our capacity during busy periods

How projects are contracted

Think Global Qualitative is not a legal entity. It is an alliance of individuals and their respective businesses. All projects are contracted directly through a local associate. The profile pages for each associate show their individual business contact information.

As the project lead, your consultant is responsible for managing all of the global sub-contracting arrangements on your behalf. You are always dealing locally.

Our lawyers said we had to put this in

Think Global Qualitative is not a legal entity.

We are confident about the professional skills of Think associates. But we make no representation about the financial strength of any associate. Membership in Think is not a representation of financial solvency. You should take whatever steps you normally take to evaluate the financial capacity of .a research supplier to handle any given project.

Client list

You aren’t going to find a big client list here, even though we are proud of the brands we have worked with. But we can tell you you’d recognize many of the names. We hope you’ll join this top-secret list of leading global organizations. And we will keep your secrets too.