Headquarters are in Mexico City, with coverage to any city in the country. There is also a local office in Bogotá, Colombia, with coverage of the Andean region.

Astrid Velasquez

Brief Bio

Born and living in Mexico, Astrid understands Latinos, their culture and the differences between countries in Latin America. She started working as a market researcher in 1995 and is founder of Fieldable Research which manages project across of Latin America.

Fieldable Research is a full-service research company, conducting qualitative, quantitative, online, category management and social network studies, working for Fortune 500 companies and also smaller enterprises interested in learning about the Latino market.

Astrid studied social communication and has an MBA from Ipade, one of the top 10 business schools in the world. She also has a specialization in strategic sales, and is a former professor for non-verbal communication, advertising and market research at Anahuac University in Mexico City.

Her role as director of international operations, allows Astrid to be involved in an average of 90 projects per year, where she manages a large team of experienced moderators, interviewers, analysis assistants and quantitative researchers. Astrid always supervises the entire process, starting from understanding the client’s needs, developing a research proposal, going through to data analysis, final reports and presentations to clients.

She is fluent in Spanish, English and German.


Category Experience

Astrid's main areas of expertise are: liquor, food and beverages, pharmaceutical, technology, hospitality, personal care, toys and kids' products, TV and entertainment, financial services, advertising, packaging, beauty, household appliances and sports.


Astrid believes that the client’s needs determine which combination of methodologies and research tools should be used. She has been actively involved in conducting focus groups, creative workshops, laboratories, ethnography, business-to-business interviews, in-depth interviews, online groups, webcam groups, bulletin boards, and blog research.


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