Piyul Mukherjee

Brief Bio

Piyul Mukherjee and Pia Mollback-Verbic co-founded Quipper Research Private Ltd in 2009 in Mumbai, India. Both are passionate about qualitative research and specialize in exploring ‘East/West’ brand equity, brand positioning, strategy and communication issues. They won the prestigious industry award – ESOMAR Excellence Award for Best Paper 2012 – for their paper about research practices and the impact of cultural differences across eastern and western markets. This paper was chosen as the ‘best of all the best papers of the year’ by an international jury.

Originally from Denmark. Pia Mollback-Verbic has 16 years of qualitative experience from US, Europe and India. A RIVA certified moderator, she holds a Master’s in Danish & Communication from RU, Denmark. Piyul Mukherjee has over 30 years of work experience in qualitative after her MBA degree. With a PhD in sociology under her belt, she seeks to bring together academics and the corporate world. She has co-authored the chapter on Youth Research, in the widely used ESOMAR’s Market Research Handbook.

Category Experience

Across verticals and consumer-interfacing categories. Delivering local insights about the Indian market in a global context and perspective, for a gamut of global clients, ranging from Rolex to Unilever, Microsoft to Marks & Spencer and many more.


Their special interests also cover: semiotics, and cross-cultural communication, changes in the Indian social fabric, gender, everyday life, and for this, all methods of qualitative research are adopted: IDIs, ethnographies; focus groups, and of course, online research.


Piyul is a co-author of  the chapter on Youth Research in Market Research Handbook

The fifth edition of what was formerly known as The ESOMAR Handbook of Market and Opinion Research  has been completely revised to reflect the latest approaches in the rapidly changing world of professional market research. The new handbook stands out from earlier editions by explaining the latest research techniques and methodologies within a contemporary business context. Truly international in outlook and approach, the handbook combines contributions from over 40 research thought leaders and specialists from across the world including the UK, US, Europe, Australia and SE Asia.

Piyul Mukherjee and Pia Mollback-Verbic are co-authors of the article: Tips on Travel to BRIC Emerging Markets
With increasing market research in the BRICs, marketers and research suppliers often need to travel to these countries on business for the first time. Pia and Piyul provide the  guiding lens for the Indian immersion experience. QRCA Views, Winter 2012, Volume 11, Number 2

India: Using Technology to Update Western Interview Methods

“Methods from the West can’t just be transplanted into Asia!” That was the point being made by Piyul Mukherjee from Quipper Research at the recent ESOMAR Conference in Bangalore, India. In her presentation, Piyul showed how a research technique from the West could be adapted, with the use of digital technology, to make it more relevant  to less developed parts of Asia, such as rural India….